Why More People Are Choosing Glass Splashbacks For Their Kitchens

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If you’re wondering whether glass splashbacks are the right choice for you and for your kitchen, it might be worth turning the question round, and asking why you wouldn’t want to choose glass splashbacks and worktops. Because when you consider the many benefits offered by glass, not to mention the glamour, the glitz and the style, splashbacks made from glass tick every box.

Whether you are looking for a splashback behind your cooker, or right the way across the full length of your kitchen surfaces, glass can be manufactured in almost any size, and to virtually any shape. Glass splashbacks can be made to accommodate things such as awkwardly located pipes and electric sockets, and can even be integrated into the work surface itself.

Curves, angles and grooves are all possible – in fact when it comes to splashbacks made from glass there’s almost no other material than can be as easily cut and moulded to the perfect shape, increasing the visual appeal, the presence and the style as well as decreasing the time taken to get it in place, and the number of joins in which mould, mildew and germs can breed.

Glass splashbacks are available in an enormous variety of colours – literally hundreds of colours and shades, and when you add in such options as frosted glass and LED lighting, the possibilities are almost endless. From traditional kitchens to ultra modern kitchens, from small, practical kitchens to glamorous kitchens with endless space, splashbacks made from glass can give your kitchen the X factor that it needs.

Just imagine no more mildew, mouldy or dusty grout, no more cracked or chipped tiles, and no more chipped or peeling veneer. Instead, just sleek, smooth, easy to clean glass stretching across your kitchen walls, offering one of the easiest surfaces to clean, increasing both hygiene and convenience.

For some people glass splashbacks are all about the practical benefits of convenience and cleanliness, but for others they’re about style, light, colour and making a bold statement about interior design ideals. That’s the beauty of glass – it can be almost anything you want it to be, from glam to gleam!

Of course, whilst glass splashbacks for kitchens are one of the most obvious choices, glass can be used in this way in a wide variety of locations, from kitchens to bathrooms, receptions to bars, with a variety of choices of colour, style, shape, size and lighting giving you so many ways to make a style statement.

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To find out more about the benefits and advantages of glass splashbacks, or to browse an online gallery of glass splashbacks for kitchens, visit Glass Logic Ltd.

Curtain Rod Shopping: Enhance Your Decor with Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

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If you’re decorating a room, wrought iron curtain rods make the perfect finishing touch. Depending on the curtain rod you choose, wrought iron drape rods can serve as backdrop for decorative window treatments, or can make a decorative statement of their own. Wrought rods provide a classic, timeless appearance, and last for years due to their resistance to corrosion and other age-related damage.

Your curtain rod store should offer wrought curtain rods in a range of sizes, ranging from 28 inches to 120 inches to fit any sized window–even oversized European windows. Each drape rod set you order includes all the necessary hardware, and installation takes minimal time and effort. Most metal rods extend to fit the length of a window, making installation quick and easy. Simply measure to be sure your window treatment in centered over the window, and mount the brackets according to the package instructions. Then, insert the rings, tab tops or rod pockets on the rod before placing it into the brackets. Along with ease of installation, wrought rods provide strength and durability. They last for years, and provide enough strength to hold up heavier curtain styles.

Browse your curtain rod store website to find wrought iron drape rods, window treatments and accessories that fit your style. Because they’re so neutral, wrought rods complement any number of window treatment styles. Do you want the room to look airy, or more warm and cozy? Do you want it to be more elegant? Solid or striped curtains give a neutral look, while plaids are more masculine. Floral prints give a feminine touch. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary, rustic, traditional, romantic, formal, casual look or more, the right combination of wrought iron drape rods and window treatments can pull together the look of your room.

Choose from a wide range of decorative wrought drape rods and accessories, such as twist, hook, glass onion, birdcage, ball and leaf-style wrought rods. Each should be available with an antique brass, black or brushed nickel. Select wrought drape rod accessories that complement the curtain drape set you choose, such as leaf decorative tie backs that match your leaf-style wrought iron curtain rods. Whichever drape rod set you choose, your wrought rods will add that perfect finishing touch to your room’s décor.

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Christen Ronchetti is a freelance writer for The Curtain Rod Store. Browse our site to find any curtain rod you may need, or hardware for draperies and window treatments. We offer decorative curtain rods and window curtain hardware: magnetic curtain rods,wrought iron curtain rods, curtain rings, curtain valances and more.

Music Wall Decor: Enjoy Music Indoors

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Constructing a music room inside the house has become a popular choice for modern home owners. Even if you are not a true musician, you can still enjoy the pleasure of having a place where you can unwind and listen to your favorite music. Though music rooms serve a lot of purpose, one particular reason of building it is to exhibit your passion for good music and a chance to showcase your skills to decorate using various music wall decor.

Before you start your own concept of home accents and music wall decor, you should first determine what kind of music room you need and for what purpose.These sets of questions can help you plan and construct a music room that will answer all your future necessities.

1. Will this be a place where you can simply listen to music or will you be playing instruments and practicing with a band?

2. Do you need the room to be sound proof?

3. How frequent will you be using the room? Daily, weekly or occasionally?

4. How much space do you need for the instruments if there will be any?

5. What kind of music wall decor and home accents will best suit your needs?

Music Room Design Ideas

When decorating a music room, the first thing you should consider is how to make the wall and ceiling look more interesting and appealing to everyone. One way to accomplish this is by using music note art and jazz wall art.

Music Note Art

These home accents are among the unique types of ornaments that can truly complement any media room. Music note art can easily harmonize with other decors with its original black and metallic tones. They are also fully customizable so you are free to choose a color scheme for your room. Music note art features fine quality black wire for the staff and notes, and the 26″ music note wall art adds fun with red notes plus clef and some note lines in brass tones.

Jazz Wall Art

If you like the idea of decorating your media room with classic music such as jazz, then jazz wall art will be the perfect addition. Jazz wall art features a saxophone or trumpet. I highly recommend that you use rich metallic colors to accentuate the sax and trumpet for perfect jazz wall art or anyone who loves those versatile instruments.

If you need more ideas and concepts for your media room, you will find hundreds of others in the internet. You can also try consulting professional interior designers if you want to invest more for your music room. Have fun!

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Paul Andonaque is the senior online promotions director and market researcher of innovative music wall decor, music note art, and jazz wall art for Hooks and Lattice.

Furniture to Spruce up your Home Office

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Are you trying to make your home office a little more functional? Has your business come to the point when it’s necessary to entertain clients and guests at your home office.?Or are you just sick and tired of working on the kitchen table? Whatever the reason, you need to outfit your home office with durable, nice-looking furniture. It will make all the difference in the world!

Here are some pieces that are guaranteed to spruce up your home workspace.

Bush Bainbridge Collection Double Pedestal Desk

If your small, overstuffed desk isn’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to move up to the big leagues! This field maple double pedestal desk comes with two file drawers and two box drawers for ample storage right at your fingertips. A framed and louvered panel adorns the back of each pedestal, and your work surface is made of a rugged, thermally-fused laminate.

Bestar Embassy L-shape Desk

Enjoy the luxury of employing a front and side work surface to streamline your work processes. The file drawer and two utility drawers on one side balance out the CPU stand on the other side of this cappuccino cherry, Tuscany brown, or bordeaux colored office desk. And the melamine-finished commercial grade work surfaces are tough enough to repel burns, stains, or scratches.

Black Wood Corner Computer Desk

Utilize every nook and cranny of your office with this cleverly-constructed solid wood desk. It comes with a lower shelf for books or files and a drawer for office supplies. The elegant black finish will add a nice touch to any office décor.

Talisman 2-drawer Writing Desk

This sturdy-yet-compact desk will provide the ideal place for you (or an assistant) to study documents, compose emails, or just brainstorm ideas. It has a walnut cherry finish and features two drawers with metal glides for easy opening and closing. There’s also a handy pull-out tray with a flip down front for convenient access and storage of a computer keyboard.

Five-drawer Storage Cabinet

That dull metal filing cabinet doesn’t add anything to the appearance of your home office. So replace it with the four-foot tall storage cabinet made of resilient wood and veneers. Each of the five drawers is accented with a sophisticated metal pull, and the top two drawers have frosted glass fronts for an extra dash of modern design.

Mission Corner Cabinet

Maximize your available home office space with this snug yet functional cabinet that will fit in any corner of the room. The bottom compartment of this solid wood cabinet comes with adjustable shelving to accommodate whatever storage needs you might have. And the top pull out tray is ideal for magazines, stationery, or other documents.

Merlot Foyer Table with Drawer and Shelf

It’s a perfect accent for a home office foyer, waiting area, or hallway. The solid wood table with a handsome merlot finish is just 15 inches deep, so it can be placed anywhere without getting in the way. It also has a bottom shelf to hold magazines or pictures, as well as a drawer which can stow brochures, office supplies, or even spare keys.

Mayline Eclipse Oval Coffee Table

This 16-inch table is ideal for an anteroom waiting area or even a small meeting space with clients or colleagues in your office. It is available in espresso on walnut veneer or warm cherry on cherry veneer to suit your existing office decor. And its four-foot long table gives you ample room to spread out your files or display magazines or knickknacks.

Office Star Espresso Telephone Stand

If you’re tired of getting up and walking to your desk every time the phone rings, then this stylish 26-inch high stand is for you. Place it near your office door, next to a filing cabinet, or by your “meditation” chair for easy access to your telephone. This solid wood and veneer stand sports an attractive espresso finish and is easy to clean and care for.

Boss Lumbar Support Executive Chair

You’ll do your best work if you’re comfortable – which means an ordinary desk chair just won’t do. This executive chair with double wheel casters is ergonomically designed to offer substantial lumbar support for your posture. Its exterior is beautifully fashioned with high tensile strength crepe fabric which is available in grey, blue, burgundy, or black.

Ergo Value Mesh Medium Back Task Chair

You can feel like you’re in total control when you adjust the swivel, seat height, arm height, tilt, and tension to the precise settings that you want. And the airmate elastomeric mesh back will cradle you in comfort no matter how many hours you put in. This chair gives you the perfect blend or ergonomics and contemporary design for your home office.

You may not be the millionaire CEO of a Fortune 500 company. But the work you do is important to your well-being, and you need to be at your best if you want to get things done. This can-do attitude starts with a home office that reflects your personality and work ethic. And you can’t accomplish that with a card table and a folding chair!

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Courtney Miller is a freelance writer who writes about furniture and products used for home improvement such as furniture.

Utilization of Space Heaters with its Detailed Classification

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Space heaters are different from electric heaters and patio heaters wherein a single room can be warmed up with ease. These small heaters are portable and can be used anywhere and everywhere but the usage of such heaters should be avoided at places where flammable materials are present. It is an excellent way to lower the electric consumption bill. For beginners, space heaters are classified in 3 different types as follows:

• Convection Heaters

• Radiant Heaters

• Combination Heaters

Radiant heaters are used where quick heating is required, while convection heaters are better suited to heat an entire room of your house. But, nothing beats the combination type heater which is apposite towards wear and tear caused by everyday usage. For heat related calculations, large wattage heaters obviously utilize more power and produce more heat. Still, as compared to gas or other type of heaters, space heaters save a lot of power as utilization is better (as compared to heating the entire house). The price range hovers around 100 $ and more. All the 3 type of heaters are discussed in detail below.

Convection Heaters

Unlike what is thought, convection heaters warm the air in a room and not necessarily the people involved. Hot air is produced which rises upwards thereby causing the colder air to move downwards. Convection heaters work on this principle of air circulation. They are further classified as baseboard, oil and water filled heaters. Water or oil filled heaters are more popular due to their efficiency.

Radiant Heaters

Unlike convection heaters, radiant heaters are used to heat objects and people present in a room but not necessarily the air. It provides heat in an appropriate manner to people sitting near it. It is mostly used where a quick response in terms of heating is required. However, radiant heaters should be carefully used for they are known as fire threats when placed near combustible materials.

Combination Heaters

Like the name suggests, it combines best of both the above type of heaters. They are slightly less efficient but provide proper distribution of heat aided by a fan. Combination type space heaters are popular and preferred by one and all.

When all’s said and done, space heaters are known for their convenience and their efficiency.

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The efficiency of a space heater is often compared with the highly efficient geothermal heat pump. Portablehomeair.com offers the best quality portable air conditioners and heaters at competitive prices with free shipping.

Recessed Lighting Installation

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There are many types of light installation that we can choose for homes and offices. One of them is recessed lighting which can definitely create a streamlined and clean interior space. This light installation enhances the light quality inside the room. It may also be used to highlight any special feature inside the room such as a painting, a sculpture or any artwork. In addition, recessed lighting offers more open spaces to make the room appear larger and extra spacious.

Recessed light fixtures can be installed between joists of ceilings of new buildings and even in major home renovation projects. There are also other fixtures which can be used to already existing ceilings by simple creating small holes through which electrical wirings will be slipped. You must know if the ceiling is insulated or not in order to select the proper rating for the recessed fixtures you will be using.

There are places where recessed lighting is suggested to be positioned and used. Fixtures of recessed lighting must not be closely placed together or be installed in rows towards the room center if you do not wish to create a look resembling an airport runway.

If you are using recessed lighting to highlight certain features in the room such as a painting or a room panel, make sure to center or place the fixture directly in front of the object or objects. If the object to be highlighted is three-dimensional, such as a sculpture or flower arrangement, it will be best to use various recessed lighting fixtures at differing angles. If the recessed lighting will be used as task lighting such as in reading a book or magazine, it should be placed over your head so that the shoulders will not block the light. To make the room or the space to appear bigger, use recessed lighting fixtures that are wall washing all around the room. It is also good to place recessed lighting in the bottom area of cabinets in the kitchen over the counter top to produced focused light for various food preparation tasks.

The basic sizes or diameters of fixtures for recessed lighting are from 4 to 6 inches. The 6 inches fixtures are best to use in entryways or hallways that are tall. The 4 inches are best used in smaller spaces. When installing recessed light fixtures, the distance between fixtures may be based on the dimension of the fixtures you plan to use. Suppose you have 4-inch sized fixtures, these fixtures must be placed at 4 feet apart from one another. If using 6-inch fixtures, then they should be 6 feet apart.

There are other extra fixtures that can be used with the typical recessed light. For instance you want to use recessed lighting as accent light for an artwork, you may use eyeball fixtures that you can adjust to focus the light. There are wall washer types of fixtures for washing or covering the walls with light. There are also reflectors to concentrate the light on a certain area. There are baffle trims in white or black that can reduce the amount of glare.

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Recessed lighting is one flexible light installation that can be used in various applications. Visit Business.com.au today to look for electricians and retailers to provide you with all your lighting needs.

Modern Rustic Bedroom

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If you think modern and rustic are two opposing words then you could be right, however they can be combined within the bedroom not by the use magic but by using modern bedroom furniture and a neutral colour palette comprising of egg shell blues, dusky pinks and salmon beige.

How can this be you may wonder and the key is to make the look cohesive, you need to be able to keep the room looking natural, even when introducing solid pieces of furniture such as black gloss wardrobes. The backdrop to the room needs to be soothing and calm, by using gentle colour scheme to bring the traditional atmosphere of the country look into the bedroom.

An essential part is to keep the bedroom free from distracting clutter and to focus on the amount of light you get into the room, if you have a north facing bedroom then keep the shades on the walls to the paler versions of the colours, this will keep the bedroom looking bright and fresh. If you have a south facing bedroom, then the use of stronger tones within the colour palette can be played with.

Woodwork is a key area and you want to try to avoid heavy glosses as, this is the focus of the bedroom furniture not the skirting boards or doors. Use soft whites for the woodwork; this will give an extra rustic charm.

Another area to focus on with this type of room design is to ensure your bedding has another colour dimension such as a twang of blue or a deep sumptuous rich brown. Try to avoid colours that are cool, remember it is only the furniture that should give the modern edge not the soft furnishings or bedding. The colours to avoid are pale grey, green and pale blue.

Flooring the modern rustic bedroom should really be floorboards, smoothed down to reflect their natural appearance, however if your floorboards are a bit worse for wear, then consider a laminate that reflects country charm of days gone by. This will have a tremendous effect and really brings warmth and a lived in feel to your home.

The accessories in your room can be given over to country charm and these will be down to your own personal taste. The merge between modern and rustic feeling can be achieved and the majority of it will fall into the colours you choose rather than the bedroom furniture.

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Philip Sedgefield is an interior designer who has worked on many home improvement projects including bedroom furniture and home office furniture using original and unique designs of home furnishings including wardrobes and desks.

How to Buy Replacement Windows for Your Home

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New windows can actually help you to improve the look and the overall energy efficiency of your old home.

Let’s check out some of the tips you must keep in mind before buying replacement windows.

1. First, make it clear whether you want to replace all the windows of your home or just a few and then chalk out a budget to discern how much you can spend.
2. To buy replacement windows, you should decide whether you want the windows to be of an architectural design, or you want them to open or close, and how they should operate. Always remember, windows also serve for security purpose.
3. Consider the weather conditions properly, as the window replacement project will take a few days and your house might get exposed to weather elements during that period of time.
4. Contact numerous replacement-window installers and vendors for quotes.
5. Then analyze properly the various types, designs, patterns, and prices of windows that these vendors offer and choose one that best suits your requirements.
6. You must discuss energy-efficiency options of the replacements windows. Check out whether windows are of standard insulated glass or low e-glass. They will provide you proper insulating capabilities and thus add up your savings on heating and cooling bills.
7. Check out for references and ask the vendors whether past customers were happy with the services provided, work was finished on time, if the work was done without any installation problems, and more.
8. You must select a windows installer based on references, window types, price, and personal impressions.
9. Make sure you prepare a proper contract with the vendor before you buy replacement windows.
10. Finally, ascertain that the installer is aptly insured. Get a proper insurance certificate from the contractor before the work begins.

We will inform you exactly what will it take to remove your old windows and install new windows, and also the window style that will suit your home the best.

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Custom Painting Inc. will help you to maintain the temperature in your home by keeping the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer by providing you with the best of replacement windows. Custom Painting Inc. provides great packages and with just a single phone call they can schedule an appointment that will fit your schedule.

Tips For A Contemporary Living Room Decor

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Contemporary living room decor is a very neat decor style, that looks extremely stylish and classy. With its subtle colors, spacious look, play of lighting, placement of decor accessories and furniture designs, it has a soothing effect to it. Creating a living room decor is just a matter of having a sense of what can be placed how for the perfect look. But for those who are still confused and clueless, here is the guide of five essential tips that will help you to achieve a contemporary look for your living room.

De-clutter & Proper Order

De-cluttering the space is very important before you set out to achieve the contemporary living room decor. Trash the old stuff that’s fluffy and too loud. Space that is neat can only be turned into a contemporary space. Proper order of things will help you give the much required clean lines look to the roo.

Clean Lines

Clean lines, sharp edges and classic smooth curves are what differentiate contemporary decor from any other decor style. These lines should be ensured, most importantly, in the living room furniture. Since furniture is the focal point of a living room, it should be a proper choice on contemporary design and properly placed.

Metal Shades

Metal shades are what work for the contemporary decor. Metal tones and otherwise light neutral shades in furnishing fabrics define the mood. Tall silver floor lamps, long curtains, foam sectional couch and sleek wall units are some of the things that are very contemporary in their look and appeal.

Accent Lighting

Lighting plays a very important role to. No bright, eye hurting lights are appreciated by the contemporary look lovers. Save yourself the disaster and stick to soft accents like floor tables, pendant lighting, stretched lengths and low light, all in soft shades. Spaciousness Keep it spacious. De-cluttering and order happen to be the constantly maintained to not just create but also sustain the contemporary look in the living room.

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Rashee is associated with Furniture For Living Room that is an online B2B portals providing valuable information on various types of furniture for living room being manufactured all across the globe. Manufacturers can fill the simple and free form to get quotes from reliable suppliers.

Modern Interior Design Ideas

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When it comes to modern interior design ideas, how can you find the perfect design ideas and styles that you are looking for? Whether it is for your office, home, bedroom, or living room, finding the best modern styles is very important.

As you know, there are many various types of interior design you can choose from: modern, traditional, African, Japanese, cozy, and much more. So how can you find the best interior design ideas, if modern is the theme you have in mind?

Here are a few tips to help you find out the answer…

How to Find Your Favorite Modern Interior Designs Photos?

When it comes to design photos and styles, the Internet is your best and easiest source to find many various ideas.

When you do an easy search in Google, you will be surprised how many free photo galleries you can find online showing your favorite home or office design ideas.

So you can find the perfect way you would like to decorate your home or office based of these creative interior design photos. You can even print them out if you want, to help you remember and follow the exact interior style easily.

3 Main Parts of Your Interior Design

Every interior decoration has 3 major parts: lighting, wallpapers and floors, and your furniture.

So when you’d like to create a modern and contemporary look and feel in your house or office, you certainly want to make sure the colors and furniture you choose has a modern look and feel.

For example usually black and while furniture, curtains, floors and walls help bring a modern style to your design. On the other hands too many colorful objects in the room bring a cozy and fun sense, but maybe not the modern style you are aiming for.

So at the end it is your choice which colors and styles of furniture to use, and that is precisely why taking a look at interior home design photo galleries online helps you find your ideal collection faster.

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Looking for free Interior Design Ideas to get the perfect style for your office or home? Then you can find a collection of the best interior design photos here.

Simply check out these Modern Interior Design styles and photos to find the perfect design you are looking for.

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