Tricks To Maximize The Space In A Small Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to do when designing or renovating a home. This is because the bathroom is much smaller compared to the other rooms in the house. With the small space of a bathroom, maximizing the space and choosing the right fixtures and storage is quiet challenging. It needs careful planning and creativity so you can make the most of your small space without sacrificing its functionality and comfort.

To make most out of your small bathroom, designing it can be quite tricky. Here are some effective tricks so you can make use of the small space:

1. Open up the space in the bathroom. You can do this by finding storage space wherever possible that does not consume too much room. Using the back of the door in the bathroom, for example, is a good place to hang some of your items in the bathroom. You can do this by mounting hooks and bars on the back of the door.

2. Make use of the corners in the bathroom. Often, a lot of space goes unused and are just wasted on the corners. It’s a good thing to take advantage of these spaces rather than just leaving them empty. You can put your bathroom furniture or storage in there. There is a lot of bathroom furniture and bathroom storage items that are especially designed to fit in the corners of the bathroom.

3. Use the upper spaces towards the ceiling in the bathroom. There is a huge space towards the ceiling for the storage of bathroom items. Instead of using a wide area in the room for the storage of your items, why not use the spaces up high. You can do this by using bathroom storage furniture that goes straight up to lessen the use of the space on the ground.

4. In decorating the bathroom, avoid dark colors and too much decor as it will make the bathroom look cramped. Warm colors and light tones will lighten up the space. For bathroom sinks, toilets and tubs, white porcelain is ideal. Be minimal with the decor. Choose pieces that will accent and not inhibit the space in your bathroom. As much as possible, keep the toiletries out of sight.

With well placed items, bright colors and lighting, you can make most out of your small space in the bathroom.

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Maintenance of Granite Countertops and Floor Tiles

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Your household is your sanctuary. It is your place of unconditional love and peace. You design it out of your dreams and set the layout according to your desired specifications. From the massive roof above your head to the tiniest nail used for the construction, everything is according to your choice. The floor and the countertops especially, demand your special attention and you duly provide it. When the construction is all completed, you breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the warmth your finished house brings to you. However, that is no the end of it. The real happy-ever-after would only come to you when you also protect your haven. You and your house can only be satisfied when you take proper care of it.

In this regard, the floor and the countertop, the grounding of your home, requires special care. You step all over it, your kids run around on it and you pet does God-knows-what on it. The dust and pollutants from the outside attach to your shoes and come to settle on it, full of glee. In such a case you need to be vigilant and act quickly as soon as the dirt attacks your floors.

It is important to note that different types of flooring and countertop materials require specific and dissimilar maintenance. Every substance has its own needs. Flooring tiles also fall under this category. You choose very fashionable countertops to grace your home. You add beautiful borders to them to increase the charm. The manufacturer even provides you a guarantee of their sturdiness and you accept it. Do you really think your job ends there? Do you really think that by just sitting on that guarantee will assure that no harm will come to the countertops? If you actually take time to read the fineprint on that guarantee warrant, you will observe the words written, ‘upon proper maintenance and care’. That implies that your magnificent and gleaming tiles require a great amount of effort on your part so that they can keep looking fresh and brand new.

The best method of cleaning the dust off your glorious tiles and countertops is to use a vacuum cleaner and a broom. Both these tools work efficiently enough to give you your desired result. For the stains and footprints, you can use a damp mop. It is advisable to use plain water, although adding a little floor cleaner would really help the cause. If you have used special glazed tiles or expensive stoneware, it is best to use the floor cleaner as per the clear instructions of the manufacturer. Furthermore, the germs on the bathroom tiles should be attacked upon by a reputable sanitary cleaning agent. Also, to fend off the dust from settling upon your tiles in the first place, your best option will be to make use of floor mats and rugs.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the tiles is not only necessary to keep them shining. It is also essential to keep the hygiene of your home intact. There are a wide range of special tile cleaning supplies available in the market. They not only suit the every day job of cleaning but are also equipped to deal with all kinds of demanding situations.

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Waterhog Doormats

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Although it may seem like an unusual thing to say, waterhog mats are really valuable in any type of environment. Those who have had previous experience with them and have seen with their own two eyes the wonders that they can bring can attest to this. In fact, a lot would say that waterhog mats are the best mats that they have ever used because they can do a lot of things.

For one, waterhog mats are known to be able to keep dirt and grime at bay, especially during wet seasons. They, therefore, help prevent the spread of bacteria that may cause different types of diseases. Also, they keep interior carpeting spic and span all the time, making you save up on maintenance costs which can skyrocket if you do not watch it. Although they are not the cheapest mats in the market today, they really are worth the price, and lots of people buy them because they really are effective.

Keep in mind that when you buy cheaper mats, you will be able to save up, alright. But then, the savings will not be for long. You will just be forced to buy some more mats in order to be sure that your homes and offices are kept clean. With waterhog mats, however, even if they are pricier than the common mats, you can be sure that they will deliver what they are made for, and more.

The Andersen Company Waterhog Fashion Doormat (3′ W x 4′ L)


  • Face: Molded reinforced textile
  • Yarn: Solution-dyed polypropylene
  • Pile Height: 1/4″
  • Backing: Rubber
  • Type: Indoor/Outdoor Use


Andersen’s Waterhog Fashion Door Mat has all of the durable features of the Waterhog Classic Entrance Mat, plus an attractive border that is made of the same high-quality material as the mat. The matching water dam on the border of the mat keeps water and dirt from spilling onto your floors. The rubber-reinforced nubs hold their shape and won’t flatten as you wipe your shoes. The anti-static mats are safe to use in computer rooms and around electronic equipment. Choose from 18 great colors. Your mat won’t fade or rot because the fabric is made of 100% polypropylene. To clean, just vacuum or hose off and hang to dry.

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Choose The Best Poles For Your Curtains

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Curtain poles are mainly used for hanging curtains. The curtain poles are selected depending on several factors like the availability of space, curtain type which you wish to hang etc. It is considered as a decorative item in a house. The most important thing to be noted before buying a curtain pole is to check whether it can be attached to the wall properly or not. The various other factors like weight of the curtains, shape of the window etc. has to be noted before buying the poles for curtains.

The poles of the curtains are coming in varying length. So it should also be considered before buying. Sometimes the desired size can’t be obtained. In such cases, buy a bigger one and saw off the excess length. For a trouble free opening and closing of the window, choosing a corded pole is one of the best options. The poles of the curtains should be extended far enough to both the sides of the windows in order to ensure that sufficient light is entering inside the room.

The poles of the curtains are available with adjustable or fixed extension brackets for not holding them towards the wall thereby allowing the curtains to run more freely. With the use of the double curtain poles, you can hang both sheer curtains or can hang net curtains together. The size of the poles will be ranging from11mm to 67mm diameter. The pole length can be adjusted to any desired angle so as to fit the shape of the bow windows.

Another type of curtain poles is the bay window curtain poles which are providing a framework for hanging drapes over the windows. These types are best for matching your architectural features. With the use of the bay type window draperies, the square footage can be increased, property value can be boosted and above all, your views can be maximized.

Wooden curtain poles are also available in market which comes in various styles and designs using the most modern elements. When these kinds of poles are added up with the curtains, they will give an extra ordinary look to your rooms. Usually the curtain poles are made up of cherry or oak or particle wood. Some companies are even producing poles with woods like bamboo and eucalyptus. The quality of the wood has to be considered as an important factor while choosing poles of with wooden materials.

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Patchwork Tablecloths in Affordable Prices

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Home textiles in attractive shades add luxury and elegance to the overall home décor. Various companies offering such products have user friendly websites that helps in promoting their products besides providing better shopping facilities to customers.
One can buy decorative pillows browsing through various online sites. Available in different sizes and shapes, these pillows add beautiful accents to the home décor. Stuffed with super soft materials, these pillows bear appliqué and block prints contemporary as well as traditional styles. The array is also available with hidden zipper closure and is adorned with laces, patchworks, embroideries, frills etc. Offered at reasonable rates, these pillows these are easy to wash and maintain. Ideal for decorative or functional purpose, enhance the home décor with unique classiness.
Besides, unique duvet covers in trendy designs and shades enrich the bedroom ambience. The duvet covers retain color even after repeated wash and are an essential bedding ensemble. These are available in attractive prices and are perfect for daily use. Manufactured as per the latest market trends, these bear innovative and contemporary designs and patterns that refurbish the bedroom setting. Made from best quality fabrics, these also bear unique patchwork patterns in geometric designs. Patchwork tablecloths are a perfect choice for adorning table setting. The patches of different color fabrics are stitched together to form a beautiful patchwork design. These patchwork patterns are created by seasoned designers having hands on latest patchworks. Ideal for everyday use as well as for special occasions, these can be teamed up with placemats and napkins in similar patchwork, shades and prints.
The entire range is stringently tested for design, color fastness, size, quality, stitch, etc for ensuring maximum satisfaction to the end users. The stylish array finds wide application in homes, hotels, restaurants, resorts etc and perfectly gels up with the color scheme and theme of the room.

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Buying Murano Chandeliers – Important Tips to Consider

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Every individual has a dream to make his or her home incomparable and elegant. Have you ever heard about the Murano chandeliers? Murano chandeliers are an outstanding form of art which can be helpful in beautifying your entire room in a graceful manner.
The Murano Glass has been utilized from ancient times. It holds a history which goes back to thousands of years. This kind of glass was being manufactures in a particular technique and the way of manufacturing has passed down from one generation to another generation. In the present times, the Murano chandelier are not the same as they use to be before due to the fact that the techniques and manufacturing procedures have been refined on continual basis.
Murano chandelier is not only a lighting object but it is an absolute piece of art. This form of chandelier comes as an outcome of a long yet creative process. The techniques that are being utilized in creating these chandeliers are unrepeatable and totally unique. Moreover, these kinds of chandeliers are entirely handmade. Therefore, while you are considering buying a chandelier, you need to keep this in your mind that you are buying an outstanding piece of art which has been crafted by experts and professionals with passion and utmost care. One of the purest forms of glass is blended with perfect natural colors. Ceiling lamps, flambeaux, and appliqués are also made up of Ancient Murano glass.
When you are thinking to buy a modern chandelier, there are various things that you should be keeping in mind. It is extremely vital to buy an accurate and appropriate kind of chandelier. You need to make sure that the one you are considering is matching and meeting the interior design requirements of your room. If you happen to buy an ideal one, it is going to totally change the feel and outlook of your room.
In the present times, you are not required to visit Italy while you want to have a superior quality contemporary chandelier. The World Wide Web is offering you with online shopping opportunity, it is getting immensely popular, and there are various reasons that are associated with this increasing fame and popularity. Internet shopping enables you to easily check out the quality and price of the product that is being offered by various online stores. You can buy all sorts of lighting objects via the Internet. Moreover, you will also be able to locate various sellers who particularly deal with modern Murano chandeliers; however, you need to make sure that they are authentic and secure.

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Renovating Your Bathroom? Some Tips To Choose The Right Shower Enclosure

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There are some factors that you must consider when you are purchasing a shower enclosure and investing your money in renovating your bathroom. Remember that the bathroom is a very functional and utilitarian place. Of course, having this room looking good at all times is always a plus point.

However, we carry out many day to day activities which are part of our daily routine. Hence, you should never compromise on convenience. The idea of having a shower enclosure in your bathroom may seem very cool. However, if nobody has the time or the patience to step inside the enclosure to take a bath, you would simply be wasting your money.

Hence, you should have a discussion with their family members whether this is one area that you intend to use. If not, then you should save your money rather than wasting your money on such frivolous accessories.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that a shower enclosure is nothing more than a small space enclosed. If you intend to take bath, you will have to provide for the necessary facilities and amenities.

There have been instances where people have created the shower enclosure so small that there was no room for placing bathing accessories. People had to step out just to use the towel that does not make sense.

That is only going to convert the task of bathing into a chore. If you want to increase the convenience, you will have to think ahead and think in terms of functionality as well as the aesthetics.

Thirdly, you should take a long and hard look at your daily schedule and check out whether you have the time and the energy to carry out detail maintenance activities. If you go in for metal shower enclosures, you will have to pay extra attention to maintenance. If this is not possible, you should go in for low maintenance solutions. This may not look as good but it certainly is going to be more convenient to use.

No matter what happens, never make the mistake of ignoring safety. To install a lock inside the shower enclosure may seem like a smart move. However, this means that you would be locked in a small space not measuring more than 3 ft x 4 ft without any means of getting out if you slip. These are small points but will have to be considered and given a lot of important if you want to enjoy maximum utility.

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Scratch and Dent Resistant Flooring

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Do you know that laminate floors are gaining lots of popularity in America, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world? Undoubtedly, this type of flooring is making a tremendous impact on the flooring market. Many homeowners love this type of wood flooring because of its ease of installation and maintenance and its being very cost effective. Laminate flooring projects a classic appeal and usually the upgrade becomes a conversation piece and center of attraction of the home.

Laminate installation is the covering of decorative sheet laminates and layer of clear plastic. You can choose from a wide variety such as oak, cherry, walnut, beach and the worn, rustic and glossy finish look. Brands such as Dupont and Sergio are in demand among homeowners.

They come in different colors, styles and designs to meet your conceptual ideas.

Because of its easy installation, DIY installers are finding it very exciting. There are “do- it yourself -guides which are not hard to follow. Nowadays, there is no more glue mess because the flooring models that come out are using a tongue-and-groove seamless system.

The interlocking planks secure the wall to wall flooring. The process has been simplified even for newbies. You need to keep the subfloors flat to keep the planks secured and locked. Just make sure you read the manufacturer’s installation guide if do not want to hire a professional.

A foam underlayment is necessary to provide comfort and sound proofing. Some brands of flooring have underlayment connected to the plank’s underside to the wall’s edge and securing with duct tape the seams. Some laminate floor products have pre-applied glue along the tongue. When a sponge dampens the tongue, it activates this special type of glue. To prevent moisture, try to look for the better grade laminate floors with pre-sealed edges. You need to keep the subfloor to remain flat.

The quality of the latest trend of laminate floors are now manufactured to high standards that it is hard to distinguish between laminates and real hardwood. The grains, texture and weathering are superbly designed and created to perfection. These latest designs are often named as “click-floors “.

Laminate floors are more durable and last longer than many of the materials they emulate. Because of the protective and mirror coating on top, they can be scratch and dent resistant. You can install them over the top of the existing floors. They are very adaptable.

You need to see to it that your floor area to be laminated is measured properly so that you will have an accurate size when buying your laminate floors. It is also wise to buy extra flooring materials. Check also which underlayment is best for the flooring you are installing. Finishing touches are also important. In cleaning your flooring, you do not need any sophisticated equipments. A simple damp cloth, broom and vacuum cleaner are all you need!

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Bathroom Design: Working Out What You Want

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When it comes to bathroom refurbishments the range of choice facing you is astounding. But with so many options to choose from, it can be easy to get distracted and for your finished bathroom design to suffer.

To avoid being dazzled by impressive — yet wholly unsuitable — bathroom suites and systems, you are well advised to work out the rudiments of what you want and need ahead of time. For example, you will not need a jacuzzi bath with umpteen jets if you are a household of strictly shower only people. Similarly, while bidets can add extra sophistication to a bathroom design, you are just wasting money and space if you have no intention of using one.

On the other hand, it is not often that we renovate our bathrooms and this is your opportunity to inject a little luxury. Bathrooms are hardworking rooms where you prepare for the day ahead and then for sleep afterwards, but they can also be your sanctuary. Make yours a personal retreat where you can truly relax and enjoy the best possible start and end to each day.

Help your bathroom design consultant by ruling out your definite no-nos, listing must-haves and making a note of anything which has caught your eye that you would like to discuss further. This will make your time with them more productive and aid them to create the perfect bathroom refurbishment for you. Try organizing your thoughts under three main headings:


What do you want in your bathroom? Perhaps you have a hankering for a wetroom, a sunken tub, a steam shower or a free standing bath? Have you seen any suites you like? If your bathroom sees a lot of traffic you might need twin basins and large towel rails in your bathroom design. If you have lots of lotions and potions then you’ll need cabinetry too…


Where do you want things to go and how much space do you have? Do you want the bath under the window, the towel rail next to it? How much room do you have to play with? Top interior design companies offering refurbishments can formulate creative bathroom designs, whatever your space limitations.


What style do you want to achieve? Do you want a bright fresh look, or a luxurious, decadent feel with sensual curves? Colour, lighting and finishing touches will all contribute to the ambience of your finished bathroom design.

To make sure you get the most out of your new bathroom, now is the time to start thinking. With careful forethought and a reputable company offering refurbishments the bathroom of your dreams can soon be yours.

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Replacement Windows Bay Area CA – For your home’s enhanced security and health

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Do you want to change the windows of your home in Bay Area California to give a fresh new look to your home? Then a replacement window is the way to go. Not only will your home look updated, but it will add to the security, improve health and help economize your monthly utility bills.

The plus points of new windows
There are huge benefits in replacement windows.

* Economical – This is a low cost, return investment proof way, of redecorating your home and even realtors agree that it increases your property resale value.
Replacement windows are double paned and energy efficient, so your heater and air conditioning bills are reduced considerably.
* Comfort – Replacement windows maintain temperatures by keeping the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter as they are double paned and can include argon gas or honeycomb effect to resist condensation in between panes. Older windows are single paned.
* Guarantees and Warranties – You can get lifelong warranties on some of the materials you choose for your new windows.
* Inner and Outer Beauty – Your new replacement windows make your home look beautiful from the inside as well as from the outside.
* Security – New windows are extra strong and provide safety for your home.
* Privacy – If you select glazed glass for replacement windows it can ensure your privacy. New windows can also be sound proof to keep the noise out.
* Variety of choice – You can select any material which suits your budget and needs. This includes, vinyl, wood, glass, wood, vinyl coated with metal, fiberglass or aluminum among others.
* Options – include multi paned, bay windows, tinting and dual paned or coatings to keep out ultraviolet rays.
* Low maintenance – Some windows require the minimum maintenance depending on the materials used.

When you have decided on new replacement windows for your home, you have to consider some important points.
* Your expenses – This means you should select material which fits your finance plan and affordability.
* Beauty – The new replacement windows should suit the basic architecture of your home and enhance its beauty.
* Material – Vinyl is a popular choice, economical and can be molded in different styles. Wood requires regular maintenance and more expensive than fiberglass. Vinyl coated with metal is expensive. Wood and metal have the advantage of being able to be painted in colors to suit your home. So each material has its advantages and disadvantages.
* It is also very important to have licensed professional contractors fit your replacement windows. Certified window material is recommended for your investment in replacement windows.

Replacement windows is an asset to the beauty and comfort of your home and is an investment with profits.

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