Amazing Nursery Decoration Ideas

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Nursery decoration ideas can be a great gift for the baby to be born. It is not only the parents who engage themselves in developing nursery wall murals or similar decoration ideas; even grandparents, aunts and uncles, and close friends and relatives can come up with such gifts. Every time is a good time to plan for such nursery decoration ideas for kids coming home.

For the mothers-to-be, it is important to start constructing nursery decoration ideas from the very moment the baby is in the womb. Whilst the idea can seem to be quite crazy, there are many nursery decoration ideas that have been tailored differently for both boys and girls. With the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys are always appreciated, there are parents who want to try out something different from the conventional norms. Having a nursery designed for unisex purpose can be a great idea; as most families are now planning to have just one child, it is wonderful to come up with ideas that are meant for kids in general, irrespective of their sex. Jungle designs are quite famous in this context, and are quite colorful as well. The colors mainly include shades of green, yellow, pink, brown and blue with various other shades scatted here and there in between.

If jungle theme is chosen, parents can also include nursery wall murals resembling different animals like lions, giraffes, parrots, monkeys and other animals painted on the walls. Scatting some stuffed toys here and there would also make a great combination. There are several baby mobiles available these days, such as giraffes, elephants, zebras, alligators and many more. Babies are usually fond of animals, and this could be one of the best nursery decoration ideas.

Apart from the jungle theme, babies are also fond of themes that are colorful, such as the sky with stars and moon in vibrant colors; rainbow could be a good addition. An aquarium with fish could be excellent choice as well. Also, spaceships, race cars and other traditional designs can always be the choice. Using some hanging planets and spaceships can actually complement the overall decoration of the too. However, these ideas are mostly used for baby boys than for girls. For the girls, nursery wall murals can include various other elements that can incorporate together.

For the girls, nursery wall murals in different combinations of whites, pinks, blues and purples can be excellent nursery decoration ideas. Baby girls are fond of frills and things that appear beautiful and soft; castles, baby dolls, bears, clouds, Winnie the pooh and precious moments could be great ideas for a girl’s room.

The decoration of the nursery will depend on the preference of the person who is coming up with the idea. However, it is important to remember that the nursery decoration ideas are for babies and should be something that would make their hearts happy and cheerful.

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Innovative nursery decoration ideas and nursery wall murals can fill the lives of the babies with joy. Choose vibrant ideas to decorate the homes.


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So we at DKOR are up to a lot these days. We want to bring you into our studio and let you accompany the development of our projects as they go from concept to reality. Pretty much like a design show, you’ll see the “Before” and “After” and of course the behind the scenes look at the “During”.

This first project I’m introducing is so current that it’s literally happening as I’m typing. A young Mexican couple approached us to create a streamline modern and fresh home for their growing family. They expressed a desire for natural textures and finishes such as natural stone and a variety of woods to juxtapose against a clean linear white backdrop.

This beautiful house is a 5 bedroom home located in Presidential Estates in Aventura, FL.There is a large back yard with plenty of space for the kids to run around and play as well as a covered terrace and pool area.

When designing this home, there are several important things to keep in mind.

This is will be a primary residence for this client, meaning we’ll need lots of storage throughout, material that can withstand the test of time and plenty of use, and nothing too trendy that will fall out of style in a couple of years.
There are 3 very important people to consider; our clients three children. Did I mention they are all boys and love to play football? There needs to be a space that can be dedicated to them. Where they can play, do arts and crafts, homework or even cuddle up and watch a movie.
When moving from another country, there is plenty of stuff to worry about besides their new home so we need to make this process as painless as possible and not forget any of the small details that are important to them such as “lots of closet space,” protection for the pool, hand showers, reading lights next to the beds, etc.
Comfort! This can not be a stuffy home.
We’re excited for you to become part of the design process of one of our most recent projects and invite you to follow us further at for plenty of more updates on this and more projects by DKOR Interiors.

The following images are the concept boards for the primary spaces of the house: Living, Dining, Foyer, Stairs, and Outdoor.

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DKOR Interiors derives itself from the hospitality background of its owner Ivonne Ronderos. It prides itself with a focus that only begins with the interior design and ends with a greater quality of life for our clients. Our design inspiration always stems from the individual style of our clients allowing us to explore different tastes and styles while keeping true to our innovativeness. The continued success of DKOR Interiors lies in the strengths and collaboration of our designers.

Article By Renata Bastos and Ivonne Ronderos

Interior Design by DKOR Interiors

5 Advantage of Buying Roman Blinds

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Windows are an important part of any room. Like all the other parts of the house they should also be well decorated. You will definitely not want the décor of your rooms to be hampered by an ugly looking window treatment. In this regard it is essential to buy the Roman blinds. The name of the blinds itself oozes sophistication. Though there are many other varieties of blinds but the home-owners have taken a special liking for this type of blinds especially due to the numerous advantages they offer. You can consult any renowned home décor specialist and they will advice the use of these blinds. They can enhance the beauty of any room significantly. Now let us go through some of the advantages of using the Roman blinds.

Usability: These are designed in a simple manner. In the past some of the blinds had complex functioning thus the home-owners found it hard to operate the blinds effectively. But the latest designs of the Roman blinds make sure that any experience level of users can operate them with ease. Unlike the earlier designs of blinds, the latest versions sit ideally on the window panes and the slats can be controlled with the help of the strings. You can let in the exact amount of light to the rooms. Make sure that the angles of the slats are properly maintained. It is with the help of the exact angles of slats that the room temperature can be maintained. Some high costing operational mechanisms have also been incorporated in the window blinds. Such blinds can be operated with the help of remote control.

Choices: Roman blinds are available in a variety of designs, shades, textures and materials. There is such a huge variety of blinds that the home-owners have a tough time choosing. It is essential in this regard that you have an idea about what you are looking for. Blinds can add to the beauty of rooms as they come in attractive colours. You may make the choice of colours based on the existing furniture, wall and floor colours. The blinds are also available in attractive designs. Starting from floral designs to cartoon characters all varieties are available with the blinds sellers.

Maintenance: These are easy to maintain. Some of the blinds are made with special materials that can be cleaned with a moist cloth. But for their detailed maintenance some chemicals may also be used. Before using the chemicals make sure you have read through the company manuals. There is no need to open the blinds and then clean them unlike the curtains. You will save a lot of energy and time if you choose the Roman blinds.

Customization: Leading blinds sellers are offering various customization options. Many houses have odd sized and shaped windows. The normal varieties of the Roman blinds can not fit ideally in such windows. Thus the blinds sellers are offering the opportunity to measure the window specifications and send the details to the manufacturers. There are other customization options such as fire safety, water resistant and child safety. Many home-owners install the blinds in their kitchen where there is risk of fire. In such cases they may opt for the fire safety blinds while if you are looking to install the blinds in bathroom then you will require the water proof varieties of blinds.

Prices: Home renovation can cut through your finances significantly. After finalizing on all the costly home décor items you are left with a limited amount for window treatment. You can decorate your rooms within this limited budget with the help of the Roman blinds. Further, there are many online vendors offering discounts on the varieties of blinds. Make sure you use these offers to have a cost effective purchase.

There are so many reasons contributing to the popularity of the Roman blinds. They have many user friendly features within a limited expense. Thus these are immensely popular among the home-owners.

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Decorating with Glass Top Accent Tables

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Accent tables are considered the best friends of every household interior. They seem to fit perfectly in dull areas and instantly improve its entire appearance. Just like a missing puzzle piece, adding the perfect type of accent tables to any room will brighten up its look and will definitely add a homey feel to it. Aside from their resourceful contribution to a room’s form, they also are perfect space-savers. Among the various sizes, shapes and styles that they come with, glass top accent tables are the most flexible. They serve as effortless solutions to space problems because they can be used to display figurines and picture frames, a vase of flowers, favorite books or even a cool drink.
Decorating with Lamp Shades
To accentuate a certain part of the room, the most important thing that one must consider is its lighting. For this, the ultimate secret weapon is the ever useful, lamp shades. It could set the mood of the entire room depending on one’s preference. It could also highlight simple displays and decorations that one would put beside it. However, when buying one, it is not recommended to simply go out and pick up the most stylish lamp shade available in the store. One must consider a style that will ideally complement with the glass top accent tables. Selecting a similarly glass-type one will directly add an elegant vibe to the room. Choosing an antique-type will refine the room’s poise with a touch of classic. There are endless choices available however, it is important to use some originality and creativity when decorating accent tables with lamp shades because a room’s look tells a lot about its owner.
Decorating with Fabrics
If one cannot seem to match his favorite decorations with glass top accent tables, covering it with a chic fabric should do the trick. One may choose to pick out different cloths of various designs and patterns and see if any of them matches with his ideal design. Using nicely patterned cloths as top covers for accent tables will definitely make a difference in their overall look. Doing so will only enhance its flexibility to beautify any space with additional colors and patterns.
After selecting the ideal cover, one can further decorate accent tables by thinking of artistically fun ways of catching everyone’s attention using it. A clever way is to place a neat glass jar full of colorful candies or lollipops on top of it. One can also have a tall figure of his favorite cartoon character stand in it. Colorful boxes, wacky pictures, origami works, the choices are never-ending. As long as an accent reveals the owner’s personality and creativity, it will definitely be eye-catching.
Glass top accent tables never fail to put life to any boring parts of a room. Because a glass top accent table comes in many sizes and shapes, one can easily find one that will best fit any dreary corner. It can also come with multi-functional features which could really solve any space issues. It is best admired for its decorative use wherein it can be decorated in any resourceful way one can think of. For this reason, glass top accent tables are everyone’s most practical answer to any household space renovation crisis. As long as one uses his artistic ideas without risking a room’s comfort, one can surely cheer up any space.

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Luxury Home Interior Designs – Some Design Inspiration

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Luxury home interior designs are indeed many, different, unique and usually equally deserving of a high degree of reverence. Such designs can be modern, classic or a perfectly balanced combination of the two. As a proud homeowner, there really is no better option than the hiring of a luxurious top-end designer, whose sole purpose it is to transform the entirety of your home into a breathtaking work of art from start to finish and top to bottom.

The real beauty of such a type of consultation is that even those somewhat lacking by way of imagination can have much of the creative dream work done entirely on their behalf. After all, it may well be simple enough to pick a color or patter for a décor theme, but throw into the mix fixtures, fittings, ceilings, floorings, lighting and so on and it soon becomes clear exactly why such services are in so very high demand.

Luxury interior designs are commonplace for the affluent and wealthy, therefore anyone wishing to follow suit will be required to create a functional and achievable remodelling plan with the assistance of a highly skilled expert visionary. A designer targets various areas of your home, both independently and with a huge degree of forethought regarding exactly how it will fit in with the rest of the completed article. Though it is all too common for certain living spaces to be overlooked in favour of others, the experience high-level designer will afford each and every room equal consideration in order to extend the overall magnificence of the project to every possible square inch of the home in question.

Taking a step away from the norm, the luxury designer will consider numerous options regarding even the most simple of aspects, such as lighting options, fabrics and furs for furniture or perhaps ornate countertops. The bathroom often takes particular pride of place in the vision of such designers, with a range of opulent furniture and fixtures available to transform and such room into a palace of luxurious relaxation.

One of the most appealing aspects of the whole process is that every last detail is fully customisable by the designer, which results in an overall theme which is quite literally one of a kind and never again to be repeated. Exclusivity certainly holds a level of value equal to the aesthetic result, therefore both are guaranteed to the most spectacular degree imaginable.

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If your looking for a high end and exclusive designer in the UK, then click here – Interior Designers London

A skilled, talented, unique designer who can listen, communicate and design like no other.

Ambiance White Bedroom furniture Online in UK

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White projects purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. Doctors don white coats, brides traditionally wear white gowns, and a white picket fence surrounds a safe and happy home. The appearance of white in a dream is thought to represent happiness at home.

White Bedroom furniture gives a fresh stylish look to your Bedroom. Ambiance White Furniture is beautiful and durable. It provides a beauty that lasts for life-time.

White bedroom furniture gives calm and comfortable appeal to your bedroom and creates a handsome bedroom appearance. When you already have an excellent amount of sunlight inside your bedroom, these furniture pieces will assist you to in enhancing the light even more.
Ambiance white Bedroom Furniture includes white double beds, white painted chest of drawers and white wardrobes perfect for any bedroom. Ambiance white king-sized bed create airy feel in the Bedroom. They are comfortable and affordable. They can compliment any Bedroom design. To fulfill the storage needs of your Bedroom Ambiance white wardrobes can be the ideal option. By choosing for white wardrobes you’ll minimize feeling of being overcrowded by this piece of furniture as white colored furniture make Bedroom look more spacious.

White bedroom furniture comes in a variety, styles and finishes, offers a different approach at un-beatable prices. The beauty of white bed room furniture would work with your bed room interior and would define your personal character.

Ambiance White bedroom furniture is available in various designs and styles to suit different tastes, every budget and lifestyle. At Vivahomestore choose the right kind of furniture from different white bedroom range that depicts the calmness of the person.

The bedroom with the white furniture can be made more stylish by combining it the appropriate light effects. The lamps in the walls or the ceiling can be chosen with dim lights for the evenings to give tranquil effect to the entire ambience he room.

At you can find single, double, king size, or super king size bed frames with matching bedside cabinets, dressing tables, mirrors, chest of drawers, wardrobes, and trunks. Here we design something truly original that can’t be found anywhere else. We make you available with quality ambiance white bedroom furniture online with best possible prices.

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Choose from our selection of white bedroom furniture and furniture collections for the dining room, living room and kitchens, find your perfect furniture save money by buying today online for quick home delivery. UK Contemporary Furniture

The Different Styles Of Shutters

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Shutters can provide the ideal solution to compliment your window space, whether you are looking for ultimate privacy, noise insulation or the ability to have real control over the levels of light entering your room. There is probably a greater range of shutters than you think, from popular solutions, such as shutters that cover the full height of the window, to Café Style shutters to give the balance between light and privacy. They can also come in variety of woods and colours to suit the aesthetic that you are after.

The most versatile style of interior shutter, and therefore the most popular, is the Full Height Shutter. As the name suggests these shutters are designed to cover the full height of the window space and usually come with a mid rail. Their flexibility, however, derives from the ability to control the louvres and individual sections of the panels to tailor the flow of light, and privacy levels, to suit your needs. As a result they are also ideal for use on Velux windows, particularly when used in conjunction with a remote control to open and close the louvres.

If you are looking for more of a balance between the amount of light entering the room and privacy, the Café Style Shutter may be more appropriate than a Full Height shutter. This style employs a shutter on only the lower half of the window to keep prying eyes out whilst keeping the top half free to allow sunlight in. This style is therefore perfect for windows in town houses, particularly those at ground level.

For the greatest degree of control over the balance between light and privacy, Tier on Tier shutters are designed with separate panels on the top and bottom half of your window space which can be operated independently. However to achieve the highest levels of noise, light and privacy insulation the best solution is Solid shutters. These traditionally styled shutters also provide the highest levels of security and can be purchased to cover either the full height of your window space or individual panels.

Moreover, you can find a diverse range of louvred shutters in special shapes that you may not have previously considered, but which may be ideal for your unique requirements. Whatever your window space, whether an attic window, an arched window, a porthole window or even a cupboard under the stairs, there can be a bespoke shutter solution made to fit.

The aesthetic and durability of your shutter can be further tailored to suit your needs by selecting the appropriate material. Shutters come in a number of different woods including Basswood, Premium Hardwood, Larchwood, Craftwood (MDF) and Cedarwood. You may prefer the clean finish of Basswood, distinctive grain pattern of Larchwood or even the unique fragrance of the Cedarwood.

A shutter really does give you that combination of style and control. Interior shutters offer a stylish way to dress your window space, whether you’re viewing them from the inside or out. They offer unparalleled control over light, noise and privacy whilst their versatility and ability to fulfil a bespoke solution means that they are a real alternative to curtains and blinds.

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Window treatment choices can address light, location and design issues

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The direction that windows face and the proximity of streets to them are two of the factors homeowners should consider when choosing custom drapery or other window treatments.

According to, those who live in a dusty or high pollution area should stay away from light-colors fabrics for their windows because they will show dirt more easily.

“You’ll also be better off if you don’t have elaborate treatments such as swags and intricate folds which will trap the dirt,” the website advises.

The direction that the windows face will determine how much natural light will enter the room. Windows with a northern or eastern exposure generate less light, but south- and west-facing windows will allow in the most light. In the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true.

When windows face out on a street, homeowners may consider using a heavy fabric for drapes or noise reduction shades. They are particularly useful for bedroom windows that face a street or other area that may be get noisy when one is trying to get some sleep.

When too much light enters a bedroom, blackout window shades will solve the problem. Roller shades that fit a variety of decors come in blackout fabrics that provide the light control needed to create a darker room.

Privacy issues are another concern that can be solved with the correct selection of window treatments, which can provide privacy when it’s needed and allow an outside view at other times.

“If you don’t want to cut out too much light, then think about using a translucent fabric such as muslin, net, voile or lace, as curtain or shades to give you some privacy,” the website suggests.

Another option is to install a cafe curtain, which is hung from a rod or pole halfway up the window. This style of curtain protects privacy while allowing light into the room from the top half of the window.

If window blinds are preferred, homeowners may want to consider buying custom blinds online to get as wide a selection as possible to match their home décor.

Sometimes homeowners are faced with a specific design dilemma that will determine how they outfit their windows. A deep recessed window, for instance, should be styled with draperies hung outside the recessed area to allow as much light as possible to enter. If the recessed window is particularly large, the drape can be hung inside the recessed area.

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Mr. Goodwin began his career as a carpenter, but inspired by his love of architecture and interior design he has become an established home décor writer specializing in blinds and window treatments. He has since lent the benefit of his experience to a variety of organizations and publications.

Wall Art is The Best Choice to Create a Fantastic Atmosphere

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A digital wall art certainly is the contemporary way of decorating your private home or workplace site. Through the help of all the offered methods and specific tools for instance Adobe Photoshop a manufacturer can establish a proper master-work for the wall structure. It’s possible to create in numerous types pastels, oils, acrylics and char coal. The most exciting simple fact on the subject of electronic digital applications are that it helps a designer to get results within a range of methods and styles. I will point out which while they are really created in computer, an experienced artist would probably frequently certainly not find about what technique had been utilised. They are like that they can be coloured, as a result of these kind of options wall art has grown into progressively more well-known using its unique resourcefulness capacity!

Is there a most important factor while creating canvas prints? Color choice or possibly the wide range is a vital thing. You can develop merely incredible piece of art having fun with the color color scheme. For instance, giclee wall art are actually vibrant, vibrant and also dependable. They are going to last a rather long as well as prosperous everyday living, as it lets them to not ever fade after awhile along with safeguarded from virtually any out of doors affects just as sun sunrays etc. Moreover, they are affordable compared to a true master piece. Canvas prints will be the fantastic technique to enhance your private home that has a the minimum funds, because it can look great and won’t financially impact you hundreds of, also you can consider shine or even matt for even increased influence.

It is extremely intriguing since you can easily use of sure the best photographs out of museums and galleries and also art galleries and using them as canvas prints. It is affordable and you really are competent to appreciate every one of them the moment on your property. What’s more, thanks to present day technological know-how they will seem like even lighter compared to the original documents. If you want to make a much better impact towards the client it is possible to cover all of them, this suggests the graphic can be done to look at throughout the sides, it can do extremely look wonderful!

Necessary to guarantee the place to getting a high quality joint of wall art. There’s a large range of on line free galleries together with remarkable canvas prints. Almost everything depends on your decision, regardless of whether appeals to you old fashioned, abstract, nature, impressionism style or simply modern-day subject theme. You ought to think of the actual type of the location you would like to set your canvas print. Whatever the case, wall art is amongst the ideal decisions to brighten your place that will create an excellent surroundings.

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Have you ever considered canvas prints as the best present? Do not hesitate but come and see all available canvases at Lovecanvas portal. You can decorate your room with such nice piece of wall art.

Casablanca Ceiling Fans Is Best For Your Home

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Casablanca ceiling fans pride their selves of combining beauty and performance in every ceiling fan they produce since 1974. Each and every unit of Casablanca Fan Company is designed, engineered and manufactured with highest-quality from the finest materials used to make every part. The company commits their selves for giving quality-made merchandise. Given much attention to every detail, you are guaranteed that the products or units will serve its function efficiently day and night for long years. And that you can say that what you purchase is worth to invest.

Casablanca ceiling fans are a great addition to your home decor. The timeless beauty of this creation makes it the ideal home beautification that also provides comfort and efficiency in the home. Being the energy-efficient, it consumes less energy thus giving you the chance to save on your electricity bill.

Their motors are designed to work silently that are made from finest materials. Another good feature of these fans is the blades made from sturdy wood and that designed and crafted for superior performance. Their new technology includes the remote control or wall mounted giving you convenience to operate the ceiling fan.

Most of it is installed with a light fixture so this means that it can also be used as one of the light fixtures in your house.

With the wide selections available in the market, you can certainly find a piece to match with your home decorations and theme. You will certainly enjoy the comfort and beauty it offers plus the compliments your visitors will give to you when they see the beautiful feature in your ceiling that proudly circulating its function and beauty.

Again, with the qualities and function of Casablanca ceiling fans, it is the best kind of fan that you can ever have for your home and for your comfort and convenience.

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For more information about casablanca ceiling fans, please visit Dyan Silverstone’s website. You might as well know more about light fixtures.

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