How to Choose a Lovely Window Valance

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Windows are available in a number of different styles, shapes and of course sizes. Some windows even have a stunning view to look over. If you want to add some extra style to your window without obstructing the beautiful view then you might be interested in a window valance. These are available in styles to suit pretty much any window, it’s possible to use them on their own, or alongside other window coverings like shutters, or blinds. You can either choose professional sewn valances, or no-sew versions depending on what you want and how easy you want it to be.

Different Window Valances

There are a variety of different types of window valances, they can either be casual or formal. These can be made out of light fabrics, or much heavier more intricate designs. We will spend some time looking at some of the most popular types of window valances, and discussing how these are made.

Balloon Valance – These actually look surprisingly like a balloon! They have a ruffle on top of the pole, and then the fabric is pinched so that parts of it are allowed to bloom out. It is also possible to stuff the curtains with something to make the balloon shapes more noticeable. It’s best to use light weight cottons for this, although it’s also possible to use patterned prints if desired.

Swag – This can either be short, or very long. Sometimes it is so long that it is allowed to pool on the floor. Normally this window covering is held using brackets which look quite decorative. If you are using this sort of window covering for a wide window then you might also have to consider extra support in the centre to prevent it from sagging too much. You can use light weight fabric, or some heavy weight fabrics depending on the look you’re going for.

Pleated Valance – These are the most popular and most formal type of window covering. These are made out of quite light weight fabric and can be stuffed with fairly stiff lining. These are also the most difficult types of window covering to create and are normally best left to professionals.

Making the Most out of your Window

It is very important to carefully decide where to place the window valiance so that you get the desired look from it. If you have small, short windows then you might like to place the valiance so that it only covers the very top of your window.

Depending on the size of your window you can vary where it is hung to change the look of the window. You ideally don’t want to hang a valance more than a third down the height of the window so that it looks the best.

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Quartz Tiles – Equipped With Innovative Features!

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Quartz tiles are the finest tiles available in the market these days which are grabbing more and more attention among the users. This is because of various innovative features associated with these tiles.
Quartz is one of the most demanding products these days as it can be utilized for the formation of useful and highly attractive quartz tiles. These tiles are regarded as one of the most eye-catchy tiles which can impart a distinct look to any area of the home.
Some of the major features associated with these tiles include:
Highly attractive:
This forms an important feature of quartz tiles. Because of their attractive appearance, these products can make any are of the home look beautiful. That is why: the tiles are getting more and more noticed among the homeowners these days.
Durability is another important factor which is making these products popular among the individuals. The products are durable and long-lasting and thus offer an ultimate performance. If installed in a proper manner, they do not lose their charm and shine easily.
Water-Resistant Nature:
Water-resistant nature also makes these products popular among the users. We all are aware of the fact that bathroom, kitchen etc are some of the areas which most of the time remain dry. For such areas, it is very important to choose water-resistant tiles. The introduction of quartz tiles has solved this problem to a large extent. These tiles are resistant to water and thus keep the floor dry all the time.
Easy Repair:
If any of these products breaks or scratch, it can be repaired easily and that too without disturbing their actual shape and size.
Affordable Rates:
Availability of quartz tiles at affordable rates has helped every common man to choose these products for their homes or even offices. The tiles can make an area appear elegant and stylish and that too be spending less amount of money over that. Earlier, home renovation was a tough task as it required a lot of money. But the availability of tiles at affordable rates has made this easy for the customers to carry out their home renovation task easily.
All these features together have increased the popularity of these tiles. Individuals can take help from internet in order to grab these tiles. In this regard, internet offers a large number of options. One can compare the features and price first and then choose the products as per their room style and decor.

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Dining Room Furniture – Do Some Research First

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As we approach Christmas it’s very nice to think about having a good meal together with the whole family. Dining room furniture is a one kind of thing that you can buy in the Internet and there are lots of different styles available. You can select a wide variety if dining tables and chairs and these should not give problems getting the best item that is suitable for your taste.

Most people don’t know what to do in terms of interior design, but through the help of the internet you can find ideas and inspiration. Just assure to do research about the product and the company before buying. You must also know the measurement of the space so that the furniture you buy will not be too big or too small for your desired space.

When it comes to buying dining room furniture, it’s very good to buy the highest quality on a very good budget. One thing about online shopping that this makes it so popular is that prices are competitive than furniture stores in your locality. This means that you can save more than you have your first anticipated.

Research is the best way to assure that you can get a good deal and this takes some time. Nevertheless, it’s totally worth it because you can save hundreds of dollars when you do it right. Purchasing dining room furniture doesn’t need to cost a lot and you can find a good set of dining room furniture at a reasonable price online.

Before buying anything, assure that you are knowledgeable on what you look for. Don’t be in a hurry buying that you could only end up being sorry – the main idea is to find the product for the good value of money so don’t hurry purchasing on the first thing you see. Quality is a must, so you shouldn’t buy very affordable and cheap products if you are not sure about their quality.

All in all, purchasing dining room furniture would be very easy when you shop online, but you need to do good and serious research. Using your notepad in your PC, pen and paper, or using the Google search engine would be definitely help your research and make sure find the best products to compare before buying.

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Bamboo Decking For A Floor So Inspiring

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How is it to feel that you are about to start planning for your beach house? Will it be very exciting for you since you have now reach the pint to plan and you have really strive well just to reach it? If you are dreaming of a beach house since you are young, now is the item for you to be happy because you have come into the point that you already need to plan and what really excites you the most is the fact that you can already go on with that until everything is done. Now, since you are already planning for everything such as the budget, the design of the roof, the flooring, workers, and many more, you surely need to be reminded that these things are all necessary. If you are now into the floor decoration, few suggestions might be helpful to you but since it is a beach house, will it be nice for you to go for bamboo decking instead of the hard solid floor?

Your dream beach house is not just something that you need to be conscious with when it comes every detail but it is something that rewarding, right? If some fail to reach their dreams due to the absence of the right opportunity and the lack of determination, stand out and be something different because no matter how hard it is for you to try and no matter what it takes, if you are willing to reach that dream of yours, no one can force you not to go on, unless you permit yourself to stop. Now, make every single detail of that beach house a part of you and if you want the perfect match of building materials right on the floor, try bamboo decking and feel the comfort while walking.

For a floor so inspiring, it is one great idea for you to go for bamboo decking and if you want the construction to be just perfect and smooth, make sure that your choice of builders is experience in the said building materials so you won’t encounter any problem in the process and you can also expect that everything will be just fine. Don’t go after the money you are spending because you simply need to pay if you want everything working and will go as what you have planned.

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Make Goodbyes Lively With Front Porch Furniture

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Meeting up friends, or having a get together at home is one of the biggest pleasures. It is such a simple and easy way of being able to catch up with friends. There is no need to spend a lot of money paying for an expensive restaurant bill, or having the need to drive yourself home. Some of the best conversations with friends are had when people decide to meet up at a home rather than outside. What is even better is that even as your friends take their leave, you end up chatting for more than half an hour on the front porch of your home. These conversations are often the most interesting and the most important parts of the evening. Thus, to make them more special, you must have the appropriate front porch furniture so that your friends and guests feel comfortable even at these moments.

Choosing The Right Furniture

Buying front porch furniture is not like anything else. You must pay more attention here to things such as lightness, durability and quality. If your furniture is light, then you would be able to move it around easily, or even carry it indoors if your furniture receives a lot of snow during the winter months. It also helps if the furniture is foldable, so that you would be able to save on space when you are not using the furniture anymore. The front porch furniture must be durable – it should be able to retain its looks even if it is exposed to the hot sun throughout the day. Most of the time, the furniture tends to get really drab and dull looking when you purchase low quality front porch furniture.

Getting Cheap Deals

Thus, you should ensure that there is at least a warranty on the front porch furniture that you buy so that you can exchange it of required later. You may then wonder how it is possible to get good quality front porch furniture for a low price. It is important that you save on cash, and try to reduce expenses as much as possible, by making tough choices between things which are “must have” and those which are “nice to have”. However, these days, there are some really amazing online stores which give you excellent deals on entire sets of front porch furniture. The amount of money which you save on your furniture would make you feel very proud and responsible as well.

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Wall Art Ideas for a Country-Style Kitchen

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A country kitchen highlights all the warmth and character this popular gathering place has to offer. One only has to envision family and guests gathered around a large homemade wooden table surrounded by warm colors and homey textures, sharing food, drink, conversation, and laughter. Wall art in a country-style kitchen can serve to amplify this cozy feel, reflecting the styles, themes, and colors already displayed through the room. If you’re looking to design a comfortable and welcoming kitchen decor, here are some great wall art ideas for a country-style kitchen to get you started.

Traditional Country Kitchen Decor

When decorating the kitchen, many want to re-create an echo of simpler times, a place to escape from the harried pace of our modern world. Often these kitchens are filled with distressed woods and tiles, handcrafted furnishings, country antiques, and old-fashioned braided rugs. Country art prints should reflect this nostalgic feel, providing a glimpse into times long past. For example, The Kitchen by Carl Larsson showcases an old farm kitchen scene, complete with little girls wearing pinafores and sunbonnets. Or you could go back further in time with Martina Chardin’s Kitchen Maid, its warm earth tones depicting a young lady hard at work. There are also simpler prints like Kay Lamb Shannon’s Victorian Kitchen that depict kitchen scenes from earlier eras.

Natural Country Designs

Another approach to the country-style kitchen is a natural country design highlighted by warm colors, an open floor plan, and lots of light. The focus here is on natural fibers and country-inspired wood grains, accented by handcrafted furnishings and pure colors. The framed art pictures you choose for a natural kitchen should capture this organic comfortable look and reflect the warmth and brightness of the design scheme. Consider a print such as Baskets of Vegetables by Michael Davidoff, which captures the essence of a country kitchen experience, with its natural fiber baskets overflowing with freshly picked fruits and flowers, mason jars full of spices, and subtle earth tones. Or go with a still-life series like Howard Vincent’s Country Kitchen I, II, and III that showcases kitchenware, produce, and textiles rich with texture and highlighted by the interplay of shadow and light.

Back on the Farm

Many prefer their country kitchen design to have a down-home country feel to it. Often, these types of kitchen decors center around themes such as farm animals or quilts. Walls are painted or wallpapered with warm, rich colors, often with a stenciled border for a creative personal touch. Textiles are added in the form of area rugs or seat cushions to add visual interest and create a cozy feel. Depending on your decorating scheme, you have many wall art options. If roosters are a main focal point, then choose art that reflects this, such as Country Rooster by Peggy Thatch Sibley. Or go with art prints that showcase the bounty of the farm, like Fruit Stand Pears by Jerianne Van Dijk. There are also a variety of country signs and sayings-like Grace Pullen’s or Jo Moulton’s prints-that would fit nicely in this decor style. In general, look for simplicity and warmth in your art prints, going with homey country accents rather than anything that’s going to dominate the room.

Wall art can provide a wonderful finishing touch to any country-style kitchen decor. By finding fine art prints that complement your personal theme and style, you can create a welcoming look that you and your family will long enjoy.

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Enhance Your Contemporary Home Style with Glass TV Stands

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Glass furniture can offer a very contemporary look to your home. Although glass furniture has been around for a number of years now it still retains a cutting-edge appeal. If you are looking for a contemporary way to display your television equipment then TV stands offer the ideal solution.

Advantages of Glass TV Stands

There are many advantages to using stands in your home:

- Durable – the toughened safety glass used in TV stands is very strong and durable. This means your TV stands should be resistant to chipping, cracking and breaking. It is important to make sure you check the manufacturer’s guidelines though to avoid overloading the stand.

- Cost Effective – TV stands are a cost effective choice for your home. They are available at some affordable prices and will last you many years.

- Different Designs – TV stands are a popular choice these days. This means that there are many different designs and styles available. You can even buy different coloured glass stands. Black, blue and red glass stands are all available and can offer a very modern look for contemporary home designs.

- Portable – the majority of glass TV are robust and lightweight. This means you will be able to move them around quickly and easily. This is ideal for when you are redesigning your rooms or moving house.

Choosing the Right Glass TV Stands

When buying your next TV it is important to run through a few basic considerations. These will help you to narrow down your choices and make sure you get the right stand for your needs. Top considerations include:

- Shelf Space – you need to make sure you have enough shelf space in your glass stands to fit all your television equipment. Check the width and depth of the shelves before you buy.

- Ventilation – electronic equipment like DVD players and satellite top boxes can get hot when in use. This means they require ventilation. Make sure any glass TV you buy can offer adequate spaces between shelving and ventilation. Never stack electronic equipment on top of each other directly.

- Size and shape – there are plenty of choices when it comes to the size of your glass stand. This means you should be able to find the right option for your room. Measure the floor space you have available in terms of length, width and depth. Use these figures to assess which TV would be suitable. Don’t forget you can get practical corner stands that will fit back into an awkward space in your room.

When you are buying glass stands take the time to shop around. Compare deals and look at a few different stores to see what is on offer.

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Chesterfield Armchairs – Traditional Design With A Modern Twist

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Chesterfield is well known for their iconic furniture and work of exquisite craftsmanship. Dating back to the Victorian era, the first Chesterfield sofa was distinctive with its high back and buttoning detailing, and today the furniture maintains that same classic style. The Chesterfield armchairs are no exception and are made to the same exacting standards that customers expect each and every time they purchase a piece.

The Chesterfield armchairs are available in a huge range of styles and are able to transform any room with their distinctive finish and air of luxury. The Chesterfield Club chairs are classic pieces which enjoy a rich history and are made with the same rigorous standards as all other pieces of Chesterfield furniture.

Chesterfield Wing chairs are also popular pieces, also with many different styles and finishes to choose from. With the classic designs and the use of excellent materials, these Chesterfield armchairs are the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Again, meticulous standards are adhered to in the manufacturing of these pieces and each chair is hand finished to the highest of standards.

Study chairs are also available from Chesterfield and are once more available in a variety of designs and styles. From the Captain’s chair to the President Office chair, each one is designed to the specific needs of the customer and made with only the finest materials.

Chesterfield armchairs are able transform rooms and enable customers to indulge in a taste of style, luxury and comfort. With such close attention to detail, customers can rest assured that each and every piece that leaves the warehouse is designed to stand the test of time. This is the perfect time to start re-thinking the way you design your home. Choose a matching range of Chesterfield Sofas that will complement your armchairs and make the ideal sofa suite. Whether it’s fabric or leather, you can make a traditional or contemporary furniture design bespoke to your taste

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Zebra Skin Rug

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Zebra skin rugs and other wildlife skins have become a great commodity in adding life to any interior or common space.With our high quality skins offered at an unbeatable price, we strive to deliver the highest quality zebra skins and first class customer service to all our clients and those who are first time buyers. Once you arrive on our website, our main goal is to assure that you receive all the attention and that we are here to answer all your questions and concerns. Zebra skins have become a great accessory for many homes and businesses in the world, adding quality and character to any space. For those who are hunters or collectors of exotic rugs, we assure you this will be your final destination to selecting our most excellent and high quality skins. With sales to Interior designers, real estate agents and Curios, rest assured we deliver what we promise.

Most of the rugs we supply are hand picked Grade A skins from Tanzania with minor scars and high contrasting colors. We selectively hand pick all our zebra skins, making sure that they meet our standards, minimizing issues such as fading and the occurrence of scars. If the skins need treatment, our professional taxidermist will assist us in achieving this goal. Rest assured that your purchase will be one full of joy and satisfaction.

Many online sellers are similar to us, carrying a lot of high quality rugs with one distinct difference. Each zebra rug is purchased from a middle person automatically increasing the prices. If you’ve performed your research well, you’ll notice many sellers are selling felted rugs at a minimum of $2300 and a regular zebra rug will cost you a high $1800-$1900. With us, our rugs are coming directly from trusted suppliers assuring low prices to all our customers at the same quality offered by others. Do not be lured into spending 100′s more when you can spend 100′s less and get the same quality rug. With customers from all over the world and 100% satisfaction, we never cease to assure our customers are always happy.

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Sheer Draperies – Ample Light Penetration Allowing for Unique Styling Elements

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When used alone, sheer draperies tend to exhibit a light and airy feel that is soothing to your space. In going with draperies that contrast well with the color of the walls, you will have a less dramatic feel in general than if you go with colors that do contrast, regardless if they are corresponding.

You can also layer sheers beneath heavier fabric drapery. The heavier drapery is usually tied back while the sheered fabric remains closed, offering a more elegant and formal setting for a space.

Sheer Draperies: Items to Consider
Sheers are made of very light material, as such, they do a fantastic job in helping to soften sunlight and give an ambient feel to a room. However, they do not keep the sun out of a space entirely due to their slightly transparent qualities, and they do not provide any insulation as found in heavier designs of drapery. As such, if you are looking for drapery that will help in keeping the room in which they are being used in insulated from heat or cold, sheer draperies alone will not do the trick.

However, if you are looking for drapery that will simply soften up the sunlight filtering in through a window so a room is not completely closed off if the curtains are closed, then sheer might be an option to consider. Also, remember that sheer drapery is also somewhat transparent, so even when they are closed; outsiders will still be able to at least see your silhouette.

Finding the Right Size
Generally, it is recommended that when you are ordering sheers, you want to order fabric that is 2 to 2 1/2 times the width of your window. So if you have a 48 inch window that you would like to dress with sheers, you want to order a piece that is roughly 96 – 120 inches long. This is due to the fact that sheers are meant to be gathered, so you will need the extra material. In terms of length, sheers are commonly floor length, but can also be special ordered to fit the length of your window.

Determining the length you need is a quick and easy process; simply measure starting from the top of the rod or whatever hardware you plan to hang the drapery from to the point in which you want them to end; whether it is to the floor or bottom of your windowsill.

Sheer Draperies – Popular Styles and Accessorizing
Among the most popular types of fabrics are voile and lace. This is due in part to the fact these materials are extremely lightweight and allow the ease of gathering. Each type of fabric offers a different element that is exclusive to a particular theme. Generally, lace offers a more ambient and even romantic feel; while voile is a fantastic general fabric to use that melds well into a lot of modern and rustic styles.

Most commonly, sheers are available as rod packets that are panels meant to be hung on a drapery rod. If you are looking for a less traditional or more customizable way of hanging your drapery, sheers are also available as pinch-pleated panels. The pinch pleated packets can be hung in a number of different ways including traditionally on a rod or through various means incorporating rings or clips.

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Sheer draperies are an extremely viable way to incorporate drapery into your window treatments that add the desired look drapery presents while simultaneously allowing light to penetrate the material. Drapery panels generally block out a larger portion of light, while blackout drapery is designed to completely block out the light; sheer drapery on the other hand are the perfect alternative for people who want a consistent stream of light to enter their home while providing decent privacy.

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